The late Helen Whalen made a generous gift, of her home, to the Workers of St. Joseph in May of 2006, to be used as a St. Joseph House. Early on Mrs. Joan McKee was our resident Worker and was our representative in the community.


In 2007 Father Jon Claude Atusameso from the diocese of Arlington, and an assistant priest at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Alexandria, VA, took over the responsibility at the St. Joseph House. Father Jon Claude installed Father Herve Muyo and Moses Samba as Chaplains at the St. Joseph House.


After a short time, Fathers Herve and Moses moved to new responsibilities and Father Fidele Malanga a priest from the Archdiocese of Washington became our new Chaplain at the St. Joseph House. We, the Workers, were so impressed with Father Fidele's enthusiasm and spirituality that we chose Father to be our new Spiritual Director, because of the passing of our founder and Spiritual Director Father Christopher Rengers O.F.M., Cap.


In December of 2009 Father Fidele was transferred to a new assignment in Washington, DC and Father Jon Claude took over as Chaplain and overseer of the St. Joseph House. Father also serves the French Speaking people of the community.



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